Facebook post by Tina Minkowitz to Jo Brew, dated March 24 2022.

Text reads: Dear Jo,

I hereby request that you remove my name from signatories of the Declaration.

The latest action by Kara Dansky and the USA branch of WDI to contribute to the ugly efforts of the far right misogynist racist theocratic extremist group known as the Republican Party to torpedo the confirmation of the first Black female Supreme Court justice prompts me to take this long overdue action.

Although I have never been asked whether to allow those individuals to speak for me as a US signatory I kept my signature until now to support the principles to which I contributed and with which I agree in large part. I have at the same time spoken out vociferously in opposition to right wing collaboration by anyone associated with WDI or with gender critical positions. I cannot use the term ‘feminist’ about anyone who actively collaborates with the most dangerous material opponents of women’s reproductive freedom, basic health needs, lesbian rights, economic equalization, and more – who in the US are in the seats of power and surging. It is unforgivable and unconscionable to actively initiate and join in the campaign to torpedo Judge Jackson’s nomination which is not in any way going to help feminism or women but only cements the right wing strategy of disguising itself and confusing the differences between itself and any left movements that they can succeed in converting.

I take this action publicly to draw the attention of feminist friends and colleagues to the emergency they have not woken up to despite the work of so many like Jayne Egerton and Elizabeth Hungerford and Katherine M Acosta and of course Elizabeth Graham and Dar Guerra and Cheryl Seelhoff who have been speaking out for so long and so courageously.

I’m not arrogant enough to think this small action will mean much but it’s all I can do.


Tina Minkowitz

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